Recent News

Changes to our Communication Processes

To improve our communication with staff and families, we have decided to adopt the full function of Compass. This will allow all communication to be delivered in one platform where all information can be easily accessed by all parents and staff at the school.

Principal's News

In this Principal's News: Lizzie Blandthorn, Think You Know, Trivia Night thankyou and Foundation 2019 transition.

Parents and Friend's News

In this Parents and Friends news: Trivia night bonanza - It’s Christmas (stall) time - Cake stall - Foundation to Grade 2 Disco


A reminder that the Coburg North Primary School artwork fundraiser orders close Monday November 12. 

Watering the garden over the holidays

We need helpers to water the garden over the school holidays. It is likely to be once a week or fortnight. Even if you could only help once we'd still like to hear from you. Kids would be welcome. Please contact either Jane at or Maggie at

First Aid Action Hero App

St John Victoria has created an app for children 5 years and above, to learn the fundamentals of First Aid in a gamified experience.

Premier's Reading Challenge

On Monday 22nd October Ms Lizzie Blandthorn MP came to CNPS to congratulate our students who completed the Premiers’ Reading Challenge and present certificates to grade representatives.

Kitchen Garden in Italiano

This year, all of the Grade 4 students at CNPS have had the opportunity to extend their Italian by participating in the Italian Extension Kitchen Garden program, Nell orto e in cucina.

CNPS Italiano Website and Blog

Italiano @CNPS is our Italian website for students, teachers and families. You'll find: songs, stories, clips, games and activities. Students can use the site to review things we have been doing in class and extend on and practise their italiano at home. 

In memory of Liz Collins

We are delighted to announce that our Library has lots of lovely new books that have been purchased in memory of Liz Collins, a valued member of our school community who loved books and reading.

Last Bookclub for 2018

Reminder this is our last Bookclub for 2018. Brochures have been distributed and are due by Friday 2nd November. No late orders can be accepted.  

OSHC Parent Survey - Reminder

Outside School Hours Care is keen to gather some ideas and feedback from parents and community members to help inform our planning for next year. To enable this, we would appreciate you taking the time to complete this short survey.  


G.A.T.E.WAYS Term 4 experiences are now available catering for all students across a number of different subject areas. Please check out our G.A.T.E.WAYS page. For first time attendees, an expression of interest is required to be completed and returned to Tim Prendergast via the office. If students have previously attended any gateways programs an email to Tim requesting nomination to a particular program will suffice.

Meet our Volunteers

This week our feature volunteers are Jane Holroyd and Andrew Alves, read more about Jane and Andrew and the great work they do to support Coburg North Primary School.   

Community News

Community news is being updated constantly so check back regularly to see what's happening in our community.

Parenting Ideas - Joy's Corner

Every week Joy Freier, the Wellbeing Officer at Coburg North receives an inbox full of helpful parenting advice and upcoming workshops to assist in raising primary school age students. This is where she shares them with the parenting community. Please check back often for updates.