The school uniform consists of: 

  • Alight blue polo t-shirt or skivvy 
  • Dark blue long pants, shorts, skorts or netball skirt (bicycle pants are permitted to be worn underneath) 
  • Chequered blue & white school dress(bicycle pants are permitted to be worn underneath) or blue plaid tunic  
  • Dark blue jumper, fleece or bomber jacket 
  • Dark blue raincoat or coat   
  • Appropriate shoes or runners/sneakers suitable for physical activity 
  • Socks or dark blue tights 
  • Sunsmart hats. They must be worn outside in terms 1 and 4 and at other times at the staff’s discretion 
  • Hajji, beanie or head bands in school colours or shades of school colours 

Please check our Uniform Policy for further information. 

You can order your school uniform by filling out the Uniform Order Form 2017 and bringing it to the school office or order online via Qkr!

Qkr! Payment by app

To download the Qkr! app just visit the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Androids, search for Qkr! Here's a guide to help you out.