Foundation Transition

Dear Parents/Carers of 2019 Foundation Students,


The Foundation Transition Program at Coburg North Primary School will be held on the following dates in the Foundation Classrooms. For more information please click here.

In order for parents/carers to get the most out of these sessions, it is preferable that younger siblings do not attend. However if this is not possible, please feel free to bring them along.



Session 1

Thursday 1st  November


  • Parents

Meet the Principal, Office Staff, Out of School Hours Program Co-ordinator, Uniform shop representative and a parent representative.

Share a light afternoon tea and meet other Foundation Parents.

**Parents will receive the 2019 Foundation Information pack.


  • Children will participate in Investigation Activities and story time.


Session 2

Thursday 8th November



  • Parents

Will meet Joy Freier our school’s Welfare Officer to discuss school readiness and first day of school expectations. Our sustainability leader will discuss our nude food program.


  • Children will participate in Maths, Story or Fine Motor Skills Activities


Session 3

Thursday 15th November



  • Parents

Learning in Foundation at C.N.P.S with the Foundation Team Leader and specialist teachers.


  • Children will participate in Maths, Story or Fine Motor Skills Activities

Session 4

Tuesday 11th




  • Children- A Morning in Foundation Grades

Children will meet their 2019 Foundation Teacher and participate in Investigations activities. They will have recess outside at 10.30am. Please pack a light snack for your child.


  • Parents

Parents please drop children off at designated classrooms (to be confirmed). We invite you to come back at 10.30am to meet your child’s 2019 classroom teacher (in the classroom).