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Coburg North Primary School is a Parenting Ideas School member so we have access to many articles that could help you. At the start of the school year it’s easy to overlook important matters. We don’t want you to miss knowing about the parenting articles they’ve written to share with you this year. Included below are some of their most popular articles.


Wellbeing tips for Primary school kids

What rules should you have around digital devices?

Getting to kids to school on time without yelling or whining or reminding!

Moving beyond 'What did you do at school today?'

Developing independence

Parenting priorities for 2017

Parenting and kids sport

Goodbye Primary School

Parenting the 'tween' years

The power of gratitude for a happier life

Preparing your child for High School

Helping children make a bright start to school

Managing christmas chaos as a sole parent

Getting the Screen time balance right

Understanding your child's anxious behaviour

Talking to kids makes them smart





Amaze's new autism training events: book now


Amaze offers a variety of learning opportunities for the community. Our commitment is to offer accurate, helpful, cost-effective learning opportunities to suit all needs. We have six training events across three topics available for the public to book.

Check out the current news for Amaze.



*POSITIVE and PRACTICAL STRATEGIES for Educators and Parents from the Autism Spectrum Education Services.

They are committed to improving Learning and Social Success through positive behaviour support, effective communication and the use of visuals.

Here's the link for Newsletters from Autism Spectrum Education Services and check out the website for upcoming workshop: Introduction to Autism, Positive Strategies to support inclusion for children with Autism.




Parenting Ideas

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