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As a Parenting Ideas Schools member, our school has special access to vouchers for parent webinars. These vouchers allow those in our school community to attend the webinars at no cost. Teachers and staff at your school are also welcome to redeem and join us!

This webinar is valued at $37 per person.


Managing video games and the next digital craze



When it comes to kids and video games there’s so much for parents to learn. Why are kids so fascinated? How to manage the next craze? How to assess a game’s suitability for your kids?  And there are so many decisions you have to make as a parent when your kids become interested in the video game craze. Should you ban your child or young person? What’s the best approach to take? When should you worry?

Join parenting and technology expert Martine Oglethorpe for a practical 60 minute webinar addressing the issues you need to know about. Martine will step back from the headlines, address the current myths and share the latest research on the effects of gaming on young people today. This is sure to be a fascinating webinar, designed to help you feel confident negotiating the murky world of kids’ video games.

Listeners will learn:

  • the latest research about the impact of video games on children and young people
  • guidelines to help you ascertain whether or not a game is safe and appropriate for your child
  • how to manage your child’s use when “everyone else is allowed” to play video games
  • practical tips and strategies to help kids keep video use under control
  • the discussions you should be having with kids about video gaming
  • how to effectively communicate limits and boundaries around gaming use with your child or young person.


Thursday 13th September 2018 7:30pm – 8:30pm AEST 


This webinar is $37 per person to attend, and is free of charge to families at schools that have a Parenting Ideas membership

Who is talking
This webinar will be hosted by Dr Jodi Richardson with guest presenter Martine Oglethorpe. 


Here is the link with the voucher/code:
Parents who choose to redeem the voucher will need to register via this link.




Coburg North Primary School is a Parenting Ideas School member so we have access to many articles that could help you. At the start of the school year it’s easy to overlook important matters. We don’t want you to miss knowing about the parenting articles they’ve written to share with you this year. Included below are some of their most popular articles.


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Amaze's new autism training events: book now


Amaze offers a variety of learning opportunities for the community. Our commitment is to offer accurate, helpful, cost-effective learning opportunities to suit all needs. We have six training events across three topics available for the public to book.

Check out the current news for Amaze.




*POSITIVE and PRACTICAL STRATEGIES for Educators and Parents from the Autism Spectrum Education Services.

They are committed to improving Learning and Social Success through positive behaviour support, effective communication and the use of visuals.

Here's the link for Newsletters from Autism Spectrum Education Services and check out the website for upcoming workshop: Introduction to Autism, Positive Strategies to support inclusion for children with Autism.



CyberParent is an interactive educational app that teaches Australian parents about the internet, an overview of popular apps and websites, and information on some of the potential dangers of the internet, such as issues of cyberbullying, privacy issues, or online grooming. 

The app also includes information on what strategies parents can use to promote safe internet use in their homes, and provides details of Australian organisations that can support them. 

Understanding that Australia is extremely diverse, CyberParent has been developed in 17 different languages! This includes English, Arabic, Chinese,  Dari, Dinka, Farsi, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Pashto, Spanish, Somali, Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese. 

CyberParent can be accessed on Android here: or on Apple here:


ABC and SBS have also published articles on CyberParent: 




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