School Council Meeting February 27

During the last meeting, items discussed included:

  • Building updates
    • General update provided. During the summer school holidays it was discovered that there had been a 20% reduction in size of the floor plan for the stage 2 STEAM learning hub. Monika, along with parents Benjy Lee and Sebastian Furness worked hard over the school holidays to restore the original footprint to the building. This was granted along with a further $300 000 for the project. School council would like to thank and acknowledge the time and dedication of Monika, Benjy and Sebastian that resulted in such a great outcome.
    • Students will hopefully be moving into the new building by the end of this term. The office will remain in the original building until term 2 due to infrastructure requirements that will not be ready until Term 2.
    • A working party will be established to plan the new playground.
  • The 2019 school budget and Annual Implementation Plans were approved.
  • The possibility of a 1-1 iPad program was discussed. Discussion focussed on how the community will be consulted in regards to this proposal. Many questions and concerns that parents have already raised were also discussed. Discussion focused on the need for further communication regarding possibilities to be provided to the community.
  • The Parents and Friends fundraising proposals were discussed and approved. There looks to be some great events happening this year.
  • Reports – reports were presented from Finance, the Principal, Buildings, Grounds and Development sub-committee, and Parents & Friends. A report was also presented from the Sustainability working parties.

Sub-committee and Working Party meeting dates for 2019 will be determined at the first meeting of the new school council.

The AGM will be held at 6.30pm, Wednesday, 27th March 2019 in the staff room. This will be followed by the first meeting of the new school council. All are welcome to attend.