Principal's News

It’s hard to believe that the Melbourne Cup weekend has already passed. Besides planting tomatoes plants, this time also signifies the approach of the festive season.  Already we are seeing Christmas in stores with a reminder to get ready for the end of year celebrations. This also reminds me how busy term 4 is for schools and all the work that lays ahead for us before the year ends. 

I would like to give a big thank you to all of the parents who came to the after school picnic. It was lovely to see many families together enjoying the company of CNPS. This was a great opportunity for my family to see the school as well as getting to know the children of our great community. Unfortunately my son wasn’t so interested in meeting everyone and much preferred the sandpit, which left me stranded at one spot. To the many parents that I did get to speak to, the one thing that stood out in the conversations was about how wonderful the school is and what my visions were for the school. My vision aligns perfectly with that of the school’s vision…

‘To foster curiosity and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge in a dynamic and engaging setting through enriched, quality teaching and learning experiences. To develop a strong sense of self-worth and develop the skills to be a contributing member of society.’

This vision as well as the plan developed by the community through the CNPS AIMS document, are the reasons for why I wanted to lead at Coburg North PS. I believe that my vision and expertise for the school are very much aligned, which makes me very excited about the prospect of what lies ahead. I have attached my infographic that I developed for the principal interview. This outlines the vision I have for the school and why it is so important for us to create a school that will give our students the skills and attributes to be positive and contributing members of our society.  I look forward to working with everyone in our community to make this happen.



Lizzie Blandthorn

On Monday 22nd October, Lizzie Blandthorn came to visit the school to present the Premier’s Readers Challenge certificates to the school. She was impressed by the amount of reading our students undertook as part of the program and congratulated everyone on their efforts. Lizzie also spoke to 4A to congratulate the school on our efforts for becoming a ‘Resource Smart School’. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the sustainability team on their efforts in achieving their target and look forward to working with the team to work on reducing water consumption in the school over the next coming years. I’d also like to thank Beth for all the work she has done to ensure that everyone who participated in the Reader’s Challenge was recognized for their efforts.

Think You Know

Last week, we had an information session for parents on cyber safety. The organisation, ‘Think You Know’, who works with the Victorian Federal Police, provided parents with information on how to be aware of the issues concerning kids online. I highly recommend anyone who couldn’t make it to the session to get online to the Think You Know website and have a read. Visit the following link for more information:

Trivia Night

The Trivia night was a great success due to the commitment and enthusiasm from the P&F. I’d like to give a heart felt thank you to everyone one who participated in the event and to the P&F for all their hard work. The fundraiser raised just over $5,000 that will go towards the playground.  A fantastic effort.

Prep Transition

Prep transition has begun this week.  It was great to see lots of families come with their child/ren to experience some time in a Foundation classroom. This is a very special moment for both students and parents. Enjoy this special time in your child’s life, where memories are made and kept for a lifetime.

Monika Gruss