Parents and Friend's News

Harmony Day Celebrations

The Parents & Friends group will be selling food and drinks at the school’s Harmony Day celebrations on Thursday, March 21, as a fundraiser for the school.

Foods will include desserts with an international flavour, therefore, we are asking the school community to donate any sweets and desserts from their culture that can be sold on the night.

More information with further details will follow on Compass, but if you have any suggestions or questions in the interim, you can contact the P&F at


When life gives you lemons …

… give them to the P&F group to make lemonade for Harmony Day. Whole lemons or, ideally, lemon juice, are desperately needed. If you can oblige,  please contact Jenny Dun at

All funds from the evening will go toward the new playground for the new and improved school.


Annual General Meeting

The next meeting of the Parents & Friends group (the AGM) will be held in the after-care room at school on Monday, March 18, at 7pm. All welcome to attend.