Principal's News

We have had a very busy end to the term with parent teacher interviews being scheduled four days this week. Teachers have reported a great turn out with lots of you braving the cold to come into school to discuss your child’s progress. Thank you to the teachers who put so much effort into report writing. The reports really demonstrate that the teachers know your child and what growth they have achieved in their learning. As I mentioned in the last newsletter Kyla and I attended the 2018 Regional Leadership Conference. This was an opportunity for us to learn and engage with our peers and leaders in education. There were also Peer Learning Labs where best practice was shared. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to hear what has worked in other schools and reflect on how we can make links to CNPS to continue to make the best school it can be.

Baby News

Tim and his partner have welcomed a baby boy into their family, Henry George Prendergast. He was born on Monday 18th of June. Everything is going well for the new family and on behalf of the school community I wish great happiness and love on their journey together. 


Jake Mutimer has been employed as our new Physical Education teacher.  He has come to us from Heidelberg Primary School. He spent the Wednesday with us to enable him to have a handover with Lyn and meet the students and staff. We are looking forward to him starting next term to see how he will enhance our excellent PE program.

David (2A) is on leave for the first two weeks of term 3. He has been replaced by Emma a CRT who has worked extensively at CNPS. Laura R. (FC) is on leave for the first week of term and is being replaced by Rhonda our previous Art teacher. Jackie (Italian) is also on leave that week and we are covering her internally within the school.

Yard Duty

Over the last term I have received some concerns from parents about restricted space in the yard due to the building project. These have been discussed by the student captains who led some workshops with the grade 5/6 students, the leadership team, staff and School Council. Lots of different ideas were floated and analysed in how to best use the space we have. As a result of this we have decided to open up the hall and the library at lunchtimes next term. The hall will be limited to 20 students at a time and a different activity such Basketball, Netball or Skittles will be offered each day. The library will used for some of the clubs that already exist plus board games and reading. It will be a quite area for the students who prefer this at lunchtime. Again, we will need to limit numbers as there will be one teacher on duty there. We will review this after a few weeks to see if it is working and if any adjustments need to be made. 

Moreland Youth Summit

At the end of term 1, grade 4, 5 and 6 students were involved in a Moreland Youth Survey Project that was funded by Moreland Council. The council engaged the services of Resilience Youth Australia and commissioned an online self –reporting survey which the students completed in class. The aim of the survey is to provide schools and the Moreland Council a strong evidence base to guide planning and seek funding for activities that will enhance student performance, and further strengthen the resilience of young people in Moreland. Once the survey was completed the results were sent out to the school.  Kyla, Lewis, Tim and myself attended a workshop on how to read and use the data to support student wellbeing at CNPS. Last week there was a Moreland Youth Resilience Workshop and we were invited to send 6 students to it. Lewis (grade 4A) took Tyler, Rose, Oscar, Pepa, Tigran and Emma to it last Thursday. The students (and Lewis) returned to school full of excitement and enthusiasm. I asked the students it write a reflection on the workshop and have included them for you to read.  


Today we went to the Moreland Youth Summit to try and solve bullying and to help Moreland grow. I made some new friends along the way. It was for grade 4 to 12 and they had most of the schools in Moreland there. We were split up into groups. The groups were bullying (primary school), bullying (high school), grade 4/5 issues, year 10 issues and texting after 10pm. The best idea that came out of my group was Oscar’s idea/phrase, which was “we should stop bullying before it starts rather than when it is happening”. If I had to give it a rating out of 10, it would be 10.


My group and I were learning how to solve problems with grade 4/5s. I learned how to solve a problem about bullies. We solved questions like ‘How can we stop bullying’? One way that we can stop bullying is to ask the individual bully why they bully, because maybe they were bullied themselves before and they have been affected as a result.  


Today, 6 people from CNPS went to the Oxygen Youth Space to do some workshops. I really like that we got to meet lots of different people and make new friends. In the morning we did some team building exercises and then we decided on a group, I chose Bullying in Primary School. We used a lot of sticky notes to brainstorm and write ideas about stopping bullying. The best idea was to stop bullying before it gets too hard to stop. Overall it was really fun!  


Today, 6 students from CNPS went to the Moreland Youth Summit. It was really fun, because we played games to get to know each other. I got to meet other people and made new friends from other primary schools and high schools. I learned how we can stop bullying and sorted our ideas into cause and effect to show what bullying looks like.


Basically we just solved bullying! Well we didn’t really, but I think we narrowed it down a bit – a lot. So what I said was that we shouldn’t stop bullying after the victim has been tormented five or more times, we stop bullying at the first sign of the bully by attacking the source of it. What we should do after that is to find out why the bully is a bully, so if he/she has bully troubles, the school stops that bully from bullying again. How I came up with this is when we went to the Oxygen Youth Space. When we got there, I was nervous that nobody would like me. We started off with some team building exercises that went for one hour, then we had some food and played on the awesome arcade machine. After that delicious food frenzy, we organised to get into groups. My group worked on bullying and how to stop it. We wrote ideas on some sticky notes about bullying and put them on a poster and organised it into cause and effect. Everyone came together at the end and spoke about what their groups came up with.


On Thursday, 21st of June Tyler, Rose, Oscar, Pepa, Tigran and I went to the Oxygen Youth Space. In the morning there were activities involving the hall and your personal life. Then we split into a few groups that we chose and talked about some issues with the community. My group talked about bullying and how to deal with it. We drew on a sticky note about bullying and stuck it to a sticky note sheet. I met a year 7 girl from Mercy College, her name was Emily and she was really nice.

Building project

We have made some progress with the approval from Yarra Valley Waters for the unexpected sewer pipe. It was inspected last week and signed off by the Yarra Valley contractor and has now gone back to them for final approval and a permit that will allow the building works to start! Hopefully over the holidays the building works will commence.

I hope you all have a happy, safe and restful holiday,