Digital Technologies and eSafety at CNPS - Cyberbullying

There are six topics to work through (Social Media, Screen Time, Personal Information, Inappropriate Content, Cyberbullying and Contact with Strangers) and have discussions about.

Each topic has a 10 minute interactive tour, designed for parents of pre-teens and young teens (10 to 14 years). It has plenty of tips and practical steps along the way so you can help your child explore safely and manage online issues should they arise. This is especially important at this age as they strive for independence and peer acceptance.


Fact: 21% of 10 to 14 year olds reported being socially excluded by others online (one form of cyberbullying)

1. Young people might not tell their parents about cyberbullying. They may be embarrassed or worried you might overreact, restrict access to devices or make things worse if they speak out. Try to respond calmly. Listen first, then act.

2. Be aware—key signs can include being upset after using devices, changes in personality, a decline in school work and appearing lonely and distressed.

3. Report serious cyberbullying material to the social media service where it happened. You can also submit a complaint if the reported material has not been taken down within 48 hours. 


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