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Liz Collins’ memory honoured with book collection

Parents & Friends are delighted to announce the arrival of the Liz Collins Collection in the school library. The collection has been compiled in memory of Liz (mother of Kit in 2D and Alice in FF) who passed away a few days after suffering a stroke at the school last August. Liz was a much loved member of our school community, keen crafter, mother and a dynamic force of nature. The books have been bought with money raised by the school community through the Parents & Friends group.

Much of the collection, which will be available for loan, was chosen for themes of equality, inclusion and/or strong female characters. Just look out for the sticker on the inside cover, indicating they are part of the collection, or ask Beth in the library.


Funds and gains

Parents & Friends events and fundraising initiatives raised almost $38,000 in 2017, not including the MakeNoise Festival which generated another $10,700. Once again the Farmers’ Market was the standout, generating almost $18,000, while special lunches raised more than $4500. The various craft stalls through the year raised an astonishing $8200, while the addition of children’s artwork calendars made almost $2000. Fundraising outcomes like this would not be possible without the huge contribution of volunteers from across the school. Thanks to everyone who gave time and/or resources to the effort in 2017.

Some of the funds went towards a combination of books, goalpost pads, water tanks, extra lighting and the Connect Camp. Ongoing fundraising will be directed towards the new playground as part of the school rebuild.

Chars everyone!

Thanks to the parents and carers of 1C who continued the outstanding response by Grade 1 classes at the school’s Farmers’ Market stall in 2018. Thanks so Marwa with Kenzy, Lana with Harry, Andrew with Owen, Chris with Erek, Vicky with Essien, Brooke with Joshua, Dallas with Quinn, Murray and Deanna with Maggie, James with Emily, Sarah with Maya, Gayathri and Steven with Lucas and Shehneela with Talha. Many thanks. Your support is, as always, greatly appreciated. The next – and final – market for term 1 is tomorrow (March 24). 

For the bun of it …

Another reminder about next Wednesday’s (March 28) hot cross bun drive. Buns, from O’Hea’s Bakery and Deli, will be $2 each, with payment by cash on the day at the canteen. Don’t forget to send the kids to school with some money.