Bread Crates and Used Coffee Capsules Donations Needed, Please!

In Term 2, the Grade 5/6 students will be exploring ceramics in Visual Arts. Through this process, students will be creating Italian landmarks using clay slabs. Since it is important that the clay does not dry out before the pieces are finished, we require bread crates to store them on, so that all pieces remain intact. If you have any spare bread crates at home or you know where to get some, I would appreciate your donations.

Furthermore, the Grade 4’s will be examining sustainable art and collage. As part of this unit they will be collaborating on an artwork using coffee capsules. We will require a variety of coloured capsules to create a portrait. If you have any used coffee capsules at home, we would gladly accept donations in order to repurpose them into a striking piece of art.

Donations can be made to the Art Room. I will need approximately 5 – 6 bread crates and as many washed coffee capsules that can be collected.

Thanks in advance!