CNPS Building News

Hello Everyone,

We are starting to move forward with the building project with the site fencing being erected Wednesday March 21 and the building starting on April 4. See below a site plan for you to look at or download here.

We will be losing access to one of the Jersey street gates. This will compound the busyness of that area especially when deliveries are being made. If you can use an alternate entrance that would be very helpful.

We will also lose access to the basketball courts and grassed area around the playground equipment. We are very mindful this will make the school yard busier. We have addressed this by putting more teachers on yard duty and creating some quiet spaces within the yard. This is something that we will closely monitor to ensure that the yard is a happy and safe place for everyone.

I will give you regular updates on the progress of the build. If you have any feedback, suggestions on ways to make this work better please email me on or drop into my office. Of course I have to consider the whole school and regulations that are enforced when a building site is within a school, but I am a firm believer that the more people trying to solve a problem the better the outcome.