Principal's News

Hello Everybody,

My name is Jill Howells and I have been appointed Acting Principal for term 1 at Coburg North PS.

I was the Assistant Principal at Brunswick East PS for the last three years focusing on building teacher capacity in inquiry based learning and the teaching of Philosophy for Children (P4C). I am a member of the Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools and train teachers to facilitate P4C in their classrooms.

I have taught Foundation to University students and I am passionate about education and the ability it has help create adults ready to solve problems and better the community they live in.

I started my career as an Art Teacher in a Secondary school after completing a Diploma of Fine Arts and then a Graduate Diploma in Education. I have also completed a Master of Educational Leadership.

I have enjoyed meeting some of you before and after school and I have visited all the classrooms and introduced myself to students and had a quick Q&A with them. I have answered questions about my favourite colour, my pets names, where I have taught and what I enjoy doing! I have found the school to be welcoming and friendly. It is a lovely environment for students to learn in.  

We have a great start to year. The Foundation students have settled in and started their learning. There are a lot of smiling faces in the yard and the classroom with students enjoying being back at school and catching up with friends. Some very excited grade 3 and 4 grade students left for camp yesterday. I am looking forward to catching up with them next week to find out what they did.

We have six new teachers this year:

James 1A

Hannah 1C

David 2A

Katerina 4B

Margaret Art

Some exciting news, I met with the architects yesterday to discuss the new building work at CNPS, we now have a builder and the work will be starting within a month. It was the first time that I had a detailed look at the plans and I was very impressed with the thought that has gone into them. It will be a wonderful new learning environment and of course new administration offices. During the construction time there will be changes to entry points to the school and how we move around the school grounds. I will endeavor to keep you informed and update of any changes that occur. 

Please drop into my office and say hello or introduce yourself if you see me in yard.

I hope you have a great week and the that the campers are not too tired when they arrive home,