Welcome to your classroom

Hello Everyone,

First let me introduce myself my name is Jill Howells and I am the Acting Principal at Coburg North Primary School. A lengthier introduction will be our first newsletter for the year.

In the past we have had a session called ‘Meet the Teacher’ at the beginning of the year. This was dependent on myself, Kyla and the specialist teachers covering the students from 2.30 to 3.30pm.

With the school’s enrolment being 498 this is no longer viable.

After discussing a range of options with the leadership team we are going to trial a new approach, ‘Welcome to your Classroom’.

On Tuesday 13th of February, 4.00-6.30pm your child’s classroom will be open for you and your child to visit, have a look around and meet your child’s teacher.

This will be an informal meeting time to drop in and celebrate the beginning of year and the learning that will take place at CNPS. I strongly urge you to attend this session with your child and share their learning journey with them.

At the start of each year we require parents/carers to check and update their child’s ‘Student Enrollment Information Form’. These will be available in your child’s classroom on the night.

Sometimes a more formal meeting is required, please contact your child’s teacher outside of this session to arrange a time.

As a school we value your input and will ask for feedback on this new approach via a survey.

I hope to see you on the night,

Jill Howells

Acting Principal

Coburg North Primary School