Senti's trip to India

Mukesh likes me to care for him. He is 9 years old and has fits then smilesWe are all good and having a lovely time catching up with our friends. There are so many things that have changed and so many more things that need fixing. We are relieved to see that some funding has been given by a local oil company to build the enclosure they had asked for as well as a new area to replace the carers home that is falling down. Great news for us as we have a stash of cash to spend on various projects, much more fun. We want to fix up a playground. Mum and I pulled down a trampoline that was donated by someone but it wasn't safe Nd had rusted metal everywhere.

The smells of fire, raw sewerage, meals cooking and traffic were a bit much at first but we are now very used to it all. NO SHOES allowed in the house as we walk through some pretty yuk areas to get to the orphanage. This is the most scary  walk as it's on the side of a busy road, through sewerage and rickshaws, cars, trucks and buses come so close and their seems to be an inch or two of space between us. Scary!

The boys come to the main campus for school so we get to hang out with them for a while. It's fun to go into the class and listen. Today they learned about space, Russian cosmonauts and Sputnik.

We were given a spare guitar to play for the special needs kids today. It had 2 rusty strings only. We were given a replacement pack that had only 4 strings. We now have a spare guitar with 4 new strings! Where can we find more strings?

Mum and I work with some kids that have very special needs. They have really bad brain damage or some disease that stops them growing. One girl is old and the size of a 2 year old. I help take them for walks in a pram everyday. I like to take Mukesh, Angel and Abi for a walk. Mukesh loves me to talk to him and make silly sounds. He has fits every 15 minutes and it looks really strange. When he finishes his fit he smiles again. We have a swing everyday on the special swings we bought last time.

All of my carers that looked after me love to kiss me and pinch my cheeks. They always yell out my name Sentamilselvan and wave when they see me. Elsie was my main carer and she loves to hug and kiss me every time she passes me.

The food here is so good. It may even be nicer than mums. Mrs R you will love the food! Coconut and yellow Dahl chutney on chapati bread. There is coconut in almost every meal but you can't taste it. The food is yum and healthy and natural. We are careful with what we eat and eat freshly made food from the street vendors or eat at the orphanage. They make sure the food is safe for us and the water is rain water that is purified.

Every day we listen to prayers on a speaker in our village. We are also waiting to see the peacocks come but they are late in the morning and we have gone to work by then.

Tomorrow we take a 5 hour steam train ride to Ooty which is in the mountains. It is a heritage listed railway and we think that maybe my great grandfather worked as an engineer on this railway. We will then drive to Gudalur and go to a special prayer ceremony at the temple I was found at. It is a temple in the front of a tree on the side of a road. They do drive by blessings for the cars, trucks and buses. I can see Lakshmi who looked after me for 3 day when I was found before the police took me to the hospital. This place is also one of the few places in India that Elephants still roam free. We will see so many elephants and maybe a tiger. Last time we saw a leopard, elephants, bison, peacocks, elephants, monkeys and deers. Where we are staying now we have to be careful of Cobras.

We just got invited to a wedding on the weekend but we will be away.