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Farmers’ Market thank yous

The stall at the Farmers’ Market on September 23 was, according to co-ordinator Ruiz, the hardest yet. Not only was there a shortage of volunteers, but we suffered power shortages, high winds that caused the marquee cover to repeatedly fly off, and one volunteer broke their arm. But a huge thank you to the parents who filled the gaps on the first Saturday of the school holidays. Thanks to Ben with Grayson (2B), Mike with Billy (1C), Catherine (mum of Ollie in 5/6), Owen with Imogen (3/4B), Maria with Joey (3/4A), Richard with Alisha (3/4B), Savoula, Jason with Abe and Jed (3/4C), Diana and Sebastian with Hamish and Leila, Lucy (3/4B), Jenny with Scarlett (3/4A) and Janey (2) and Matt with James (FA).

Thanks to those who helped out - especially the non-3/4 parents and kids who turned out. Your help is, as always, greatly appreciated.

Pies and Queues

The end-of-term Footy Day Lunch organised by the Parents & Friends group was almost as successful than the Tigers’ finals campaign, with almost 400 pies and party pies going out the door. In a seamlessly efficient effort, Meredith Dimsey, Jackie Hanson, Paul Sutton,  Jenny Dun, Michelle Lorier and Mike Bruce formed their own Mosquito Fleet in heating and dispatching food to the uniformed clientele.

Special thanks for Michelle Lorier, Tamara Heath and Sarah Ryan for preparing the honey-joys. The lunch raised almost $1000 to go towards school projects.

Coffee Morning, October 20

The Parents & Friends’ coffee morning continues to be a thing, with the next one to be held on Friday, October 20, courtesy of Vagabond Coffee, from 8.30am. And remember your reusable cups.

The little market will also continue to be a fixture at the coffee catch-up, so keep bringing stuff along, with all proceeds going to the school.

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