Reminders for Term 4

Now that the weather is improving, more families will be walking or riding to school. It’s timely then to remind parents to ensure children cross the side streets on O’Hea St safely; stop and check traffic before crossing the road. Given the way the roads are laid out, in the past, some children have had close calls when crossing the road.

When entering the school from O’Hea St, students and parents are reminded to use the pedestrian gate and not cut through the visitor car park. Given the limited space, it is harder for cars to negotiate safe entry or departure when people walk through the car park.

If your child(ren) are absent from school, parents/ care givers are required to call the school and leave a message with the following information: student name and grade, date and reason for absence. Alternatively, parents can notify the office staff in person.

 As Summer approaches, sun hats are now required. Children are required to wear either, the school’s bucket or broad brim hat which are available from the office. Other school uniform items include: a light blue polo t-shirt or skivvy; dark blue long pants, shorts, skorts, dark navy blue netball skirt or chequered blue & white school dress. Bicycle pants are permitted to be worn only underneath the school dress, netball skirt or skorts.