Principal's News


From the 11th September until the end of term three, the following teachers will be on long service leave.

Tim Prendergast 5/6A (replaced by Katie Trecartin), Lisa Rochester 5/6B (replaced by Emma Patterson) and Zoe Polkinghorne Foundation A (replaced by TBA) These classes have scheduled their student led conferences to be held before the teacher goes on leave.



On Tuesday the school had a pupil free day to allow staff a clear day for Professional Learning. Every government school is allocated four of these days each year.

During the first two hours we revisited Restorative Justice. We talked about the background of this approach and what it looks like in a school setting. We reviewed how we are currently using Restorative Justice and how we can best refine our practice.

In 2018 the staff will be having a full curriculum on Restorative Justice with Terry O’Connell an internationally recognised authority in this area. This will be followed by a workshop for parents and work with the students.

For the remainder of the day the teachers worked in their Curriculum teams – English, Maths, Powerful Learning and Digital Technologies to finalise many of the tasks that will allow them to achieve their goals for 2017.

Overall it was a very productive day that contributes to improvement in teacher practice and student outcomes.



A reminder to those who use the pedestrian gate at the front of the school to close it every time you use it. Thank you.



With our growing community comes an increase in traffic congestion in Bishop St and Jersey St. The school has no jurisdiction on traffic control in these streets but I never the less receive many complaints. 

Please be mindful of how and where you park and always exit your children from the car on the footpath side of your car.

The council have allocated us a second crossing supervisor for Bishop St. His name is Con and he is proving to be a great asset to the school and the safety of the students. Please make sure you use the two school crossings that have crossing supervisors provided by Moreland Council employees.