Updat-ed App - issue with Android devices

I have an android device and it has stopped receiving alerts

A.  You will find a guide on how to update your android device if it is not auto updating. To check the version of your Updat-ed app, open your app and click on Contact Us. Scroll to the bottom to see the version it is running. The most recent version is 8.0 (as at July 30, 2017)

Updating your android device



If you would like to download the Updat-ed app, see the Updat-ed App information on the righthand side of the front page of the Coburg North Primary School website.

If you have any other issues please see the troubleshooting support guide from Sponsor-ed or you can find it under the Updat-ed App information on the righthand side of our website.

Updat-ed app

To download the school app just visit the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Androids, search for Updat-ed and from the menu select our school.

If you are experiencing difficulty with your app please take a look at the Trouble Shooting Guide