Meet our Volunteers

Name: Jane Holroyd and Andrew Alves

Children @ CNPS: Esme in Grade 4 and Greta in Grade 2

How have you volunteered at CNPS? (Current and past) This year I am a parent rep for 2A but really I've been pretty slack! Time to put the gardening boots back on. Andrew has been helping Stephen by playing drums at the school concerts / carols and helps at gardening bees too. A few years back we helped organise the Make.Noise festival which was great fun and from time to time you'll spot me in the kitchen (or Jasmin's coffee van!) 

Why do you volunteer? I like people and getting stuck in. I value community and there's a lovely community at this school with lots of other energetic parents and teachers. I like that our kids see us helping out, and they know we get a lot out of it. 

Anything else you would like to include: I've heard from friends with older kids that there's less opportunity to get involved and meet other families once your kids head to high school so we're making hay.