Meet our Volunteers

Name : Amelia O’Neill
Children @ CNPS : Louis (Grade 2D) and Rose (Foundation C)

How have you volunteered at CNPS? (Current and past): This year, I am helping with PMP in Rose’s class and I have recently taken up the role of secretary for Parents and Friends. I try and make something for each of the fundraising stalls, although I’m not very crafty - look out for the Tea-Rex gift bags in this year’s mother’s day stall.

I have organised the Lego Competition the last two years. An idea I stole from a friend’s school and that has since been poached by a couple of local schools after seeing it at our Make Noise festival.

Why do you volunteer?: After a difficult year last year, with my health, it was so comforting to know that there was a whole army of people ready and willing to help. I became part of the Parents and Friends group because I want to help to continue to develop the strong school community.
I volunteer to help in the classroom, because my children love it, l enjoy getting to know their peers and getting to see the classroom in action.

Anything else you would like to include: I admit that I was initially a bit worried that once you say yes to one thing, you are then expected to do everything. That is certainly not the case. You can sign up to do what you a comfortable with and every little bit helps build our community.