Meet our Volunteers

Name: Emma Hopkins

Children @ CNPS: Annie Jeffery in grade 4 and Alex to start next year

How have you volunteered at CNPS? (Current and past): I first started volunteering with the school 2 years before Annie started Prep, when in conjunction with school Council I organised the planting along the front fence of the school. Most of my volunteering has over the last 7 years has been in the garden and grounds. I have been passionate about working with the kids and getting them to design, create, look after and enjoy our: frog pond; wildlife corridors; food gardens and nature based play spaces. Together, the kids and I along with many, many parent volunteers and teachers have put in over 5,000 plants at Coburg North Primary, which has been a fantastic effort, and that doesn’t even count the rocks! I have also been part of the Resource Smart Team and worked with this team to help increase biodiversity and reduce waste and energy use within the school. This year I am also Vice President on school Council and have very much enjoyed working with Annie’s class to look after the section of garden they are responsible for, cook from the garden and take education outdoors with art, science, writing and maths in the garden.

Why do you volunteer? I am passionate about nature and nature based play, connecting kids to their food and sustainability, cross curriculum and investigative learning, and contributing to the community. Volunteering gives me an outlet to pursue my passions, but most of all I volunteer because my daughter has really valued me being involved in her school and class. I also volunteer because I want to demonstrate to her that if I think something should, or could be changed in the world for the better, then I will make an effort to create that change. This is a value that I would like her take with her through life.

Anything else you would like to include: Did you know that consistently the Danish are reported as being the happiest people in the world, and 43% of them do some kind of volunteer work!