Meet our Volunteers

Name: Mandy Gordon Lee 

Children @ CNPS: Jemma in grade 6 and Ethan in grade 3

How have you volunteered at CNPS? (Current and past): I have volunteered over the past 7 years at CNPS. I have been involved in reading, PMP, library and the craft stalls (since 2014). I have also helped out at many farmers markets and the occasional cooking/pancake classes when the kids were younger. I am also currently the 5/6 parent rep for the second year in a row and have organised a trivia night for them last year and have other plans this year. 

Why do you volunteer?: I volunteer because I think its important to support the school. It provides extra assistance for teachers and other volunteer parents and builds a stronger school community. I have made many friends over the years at the school and believe that our school community has driven change and improvements to our school. When Jemma started school there were no craft stalls. Since Michelle Luminato began coordinating the stalls in 2014 the regular mothers, fathers and christmas craft stalls have grown in volunteer numbers with more bakers and crafters than ever before. We have raised thousands of dollars for the school over the years and created a wonderful craft group. The quality of goods is amazing and I am really proud to be a part of organising such talented and generous people.

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