Meet our Volunteers

Name: Paul Sutton

Children @ CNPS: Ada (grade 4), Camille (grade 2) and Clea (foundation in 2018).

How have you volunteered at CNPS? (Current and past): I am lucky to have worked part time for a few years so have had lots of opportunities to volunteer at CNPS. I am the school council treasurer and sit on the finance committee, buildings and grounds committee and strategic funding committee. I am also involved in the end of month lunch program, I help during grade two library and always try to bake something for the monthly parent coffee morning. I also help at working bees, the farmers market, craft stalls, swimming lessons, BBQs, look after the chooks from time-to-time and I've even put in a few bike racks! 

Why do you volunteer? I volunteer because I want to help make the school a great place for my kids, students, other parents and staff. I really like being able to help impact the operation of the school in lots of different ways, from policy and procedure through my involvement with school council through to digging holes and just doing some stuff that needs doing.

Anything else you would like to include: By volunteering, I get to spend extra time with my kids and see them grow and develop both in the classroom and the playground - and I am sure they love having me around. I get to know their teachers and their friends and classmates. I value education and the school environment very much. I feel that by showing my kids that I want to invest my time in their education and their school that this will encourage them to respect and value the opportunities they have at Coburg North.



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