Meet our Volunteers

Name: Helen Nicoll

Children @ CNPS: Willow in Grade 6, Luca in Grade 3 and soon to be preppy, Honey.

How have you volunteered at CNPS? (Current and past): I am on school council and I volunteered at the Famers' market and at different events where I can.

Why do you volunteer?: I arrived in Coburg randomly nearly 3 years ago and was embraced and overwhelmed by the community here. I didn’t know Coburg or anyone living here and I am so lucky that this is where I landed. As a family we were so supported by the Coburg community.

I wanted to give something back now we are more settled but often feel like I don’t do enough. It is hard to fit volunteering in alongside full time work but there are always events going on that are fun to get involved with. It isn’t always possible but when it is it is great fun. As a parent on school council it is also good to see how a school works internally which has been really interesting. I am particularly interested in the emotional wellbeing of the pupils and there are lots of committees that anyone can get involved with if you have a special area of interest.

Anything else you would like to include: I think when I first started getting involved I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in or that I wouldn’t know anyone. Everyone is so friendly and have heaps of different experiences to share. I am not arty at all and can’t help out during working hours but there is always something to do and I have made lots of new friends volunteering.