New Child Safety Standards

The Victorian Government has introduced new Child Safety Standards to manage the risk of child abuse and ensure organisations fully comply with their responsibilities to report abuse. The standards also ensure inclusivity of all children who interact with organisations.

As professionals, who work with children, we play a vital role in protecting children from abuse by responding and reporting any incidents, disclosures or suspicions. We are often best placed to identify signs and behaviours that may indicate that a child has been subjected to abuse, or that a school community member or school staff member maybe a perpetrator of abuse.

The seven Child Safety Standards are

1.  Strategies to embed an organizational culture of child safety

2.  A child safety policy or statement of commitment to child safety

3. A child Safety code of conduct

4. Screening, supervision, training and other human resources practices that reduce the risk of child abuse.

5. Procedures for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse.

6. Strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse.

7. Strategies to promote child participation and empowerment.

In addition to existing and procedures, Coburg North Primary school has these policies and documents in place to ensure we fully comply with all 7 Child Safety Standards:

  • Child Safety code of conduct (staff)
  • Child Safety policy. 

These can be found on the Policy page of our website.


Our statement of commitment can be found on our website.