School Captain’s Charity- Pinchapoo

Pinchapoo is a charity that provides hygiene products to many people in need of it, such as homeless people, hospitals and jails.

There will be a special box in the front of the office for you to put all your ‘pinched’ toiletries in. So next time you stay in a hotel or motel don’t leave those free toiletries behind, gather them up and bring them to us at school. When the box is full, it will be either sent to or picked up by the Pinchapoo charity.

Pinchapoo was founded by Kate Austin. While in the shower she was using a mini bottle of shampoo she ‘pinched’ from a hotel. She thought about all the others who did the same thing, but it turns out there is 20,000 homeless people in Victoria who do not have access to basic hygiene products. She gathered her friends to donate shampoo (mini bottles) to someone who supports homeless people.

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